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Having properly communicated policies and ensuring that everyone involved with the program adheres to common sense guidelines will hopefully reduce the risks associated with managing a soccer league.  The Inter-Community Soccer League (ICSL) believes that the proactive communication and application of these guidelines will ensure that the communities that participate, and more importantly the kids that play, with the best recreation environment to support our leagues purposes.

ICSL makes every effort to manage the league using the correct legal and understandable language, protecting the participants by creating a safe and fun environment, we also require that all participants waive liability of the Board of Directors and communities that allow the league to utilize their fields.

We welcome any feedback that may help us enhance our league documents or communications.

Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the ICSL Board of Directors.

Updated RULES:   29 JAN 2012   Addition of U18 information and Spring Meeting changes.



ICSL Competition Rules - 29 JAN 2012.pdf

Age Calculator: http://www.mathcats.com/explore/age/calculator.html


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