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Creating a Safe Environment for Our Kids

Safety is everyone's job and having properly communicated policies and ensuring that everyone involved with the program adheres to common sense guidelines will hopefully reduce the risks associated with a physical sport like soccer. The ICSL believes that the proactive communication and application of these guidelines will provide the communities that participate, and more importantly the kids that play, with the best recreation environment to support our league's purposes.

Your assistance with safety is appreciated. If you notice any unsafe activity (like climbing on goals, running in parking lots, throwing rocks, unsafe field conditions, weather related situations, etc.) or have any questions about our safety policies please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the ICSL Board members, Community Director, Field Director, Coaches or use your best judgment to take care of the situation (if needed) immediately.

This is our Safety Document which captures most aspects of the league's rules and guidelines for creating and maintaining a safe playing environment.

ICSL Safety Instructions - 25 JAN 2011.pdf

Concussion Quick Facts

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that changes the way the brain normally works. A concussion is caused by bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Even a "ding," "getting your bell rung," or what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious.

• Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness.

• Athletes who have, at any point in their lives, had a concussion have an increased risk for another concussion.

• Young children / teens are more likely to get a concussion and take longer to recover than adults.Here are some fact sheets we would like for your team to review and to keep handy during your practices and games:


Sports Goggles

Sports Goggles are required for ALL practices/games in ICSL.

Normal glasses will NOT be able to be worn during games / practices and the player will be asked to remove and replace with approved sports glasses or be required to sit out the game.

This is not a suggestion...so do not be surprised when a referee notices and informs you on the "pitch".

This is to protect the players who are wearing glasses and those who come in contact with them, so please ensure you send a note or communicate this to your teams.

Also see the "Rules" and "Referee" Pages (see menu to left) which discuss Referee responsibilities and playing requirements.


Parking Lot Safety

People seem to suspend their good judgment when in Parking Lots.

Did you know that one of the likeliest places to be involved in a fender bender is in a parking lot?

A. Backing Out
In a parking lot, people have their minds on everything but driving. For instance, a driver spots someone with keys in hand approaching her car and their first reaction is to dart forward to be the first to claim the spot, oblivious to the car trying to back out of a space between two vans and... well, you get the idea.

When you leave and are backing out of your space, you must be aware of people walking behind your car. Be aware that visibility may be a problem when you back out of your space and a large van, suv, or truck prevents you from seeing someone in the traffic aisle. While an "inconvienence" if you do not have good visibility please ask a passenger to remain outside of the vehicle and observe if it is okay to back out, then get into the vehicle.

Players Retrieving Soccer Balls - Also note that when balls are kicked off the field of play during warm-ups or a game, players will run through the parking area to retrieve it often not always looking both ways in their haste to get back to playing.  If you are a parent near the area please help get the ball back, or act as a "Crossing Guard" for the players.

B. Wandering Kids
It isn't just inattentive drivers that don't see small children. It's also inattentive parents that let their small children trail behind them or wander unattended in the parking lot.  The best driver cannot see a small child shorter than the rear of their vehicle or through blind spots.  Drivers are also becoming very dependent on back-up cameras and back-up sensors.  The "almost accident" I personally saw on Saturday was when a small girl was standing in-between the rear sensors and could not be seen because of the high line-of-sight to the rear of the SUV.

Kids love to run through parking lots and in-between cars in their haste to start playing, forgetting to look both ways.  Please have an older child watch the younger children.  Explain to your children the importance of safely walking across and looking for vehicles in the parking lots.

Simple Summary:
  1) Do not make-up time in the parking lot when you may be late or wanting to go to your families next activity,
  2) watch your kids (especially the younger ones) and do not let them move through the parking areas unattended,
  3) take extra precautions when backing-out of spaces or you may get a chance to call your auto insurance company or worse yet injure a child.


Safety in the Fall

"Hoodie" Hoods will be NOT be allowed to be exposed because of the risk of kids being choked or pulled. 

Gloves that have any clips, rough surface, or any part that could be considered a safety issue will also not be able to be worn.


Safety Documents

These documents support the top-level Safety document:

Background Check - Those adults participating in the ICSL league need to perform an annual Background Check (Referees, Coaches, Assistant Coaches), which is managed through the IYSA (see link below).  Please ensure that you select Inter-Community Soccer League so ICSL can receive the notice directly. https://www.e7sports2.com/E7/Registration/Soccer/IL_State_08/Player_reg/Bk_reg_select_type_menu.php

Goal Safety education and verification is important to the league and mandated by the IYSA.  Coaches need to print out a copy, and maintain the Goal Safety form for inspection by the ICSL League at anytime.

Coach's Goal Safety Form

Goal Safety

Moveable Soccer Goals Alert

"Zach's Law" for everyone's reference:

  • http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=3355&ChapterID=39