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All the Essentials to Get Your Team Started

I wanted to bring to our coaches a great resource for practices, tips, drills, and other reference material for you found at:

  • http://www.usyouthsoccer.org/coaches/

Coach's Checklist for Each Season

  1. Call for Teams - Submit the number of teams to Community Coordinator (then to Rick)
  2. Review and become familiar w/Safety Documents, Rules, By-Laws.
  3. Perform Background Check. Background checks are required every TWO years.
  4. Enroll Team On-Line (GotSport) and print-out Roster (w/Coach at all games).
  5. Complete Waiver of Liability / IYSA Medical Forms for each Player (signed by parents).
  6. The ICSL year starts in the Fall and finishes with the Spring season.
          Fall - Waivers needed for ALL players.
          Spring - Submit waivers when forming a New Team or adding
                      New Players to an existing Fall Roster.
  7. Complete and submit Organization Statement of Understanding & Agreement Form.
  8. Complete Code of Conduct Form.
  9. Print Out Goal Safety Document (maintain throughout season).
10. Submit Payment, All Forms (including cover page), and Roster to Community Coordinator (then submit to Kassie Walker - 228 Coventry Lane - East Peoria,Il 61611)

The PDF Team Roster that has been used in the past is NOT NEEDED NOW THAT THE LEAGUE IS USING the on-line GotSport.  Simply print out the GotSport Roster and retain with you at all times during the season.

The on-line GotSport Roster needs to be adjusted when: 1) new players are added, 2) when players are removed from the team, 3) new teams are formed.  This information is very important as the system is used to calculate the Fees per team, confirm ages against signed waiver documents.

You will need a copy of medical forms and "gotsport" roster at all games.
Keep goal safety forms updated, Please review the new head injury guidelines on the "Safety" tab. Check website often for updates.
Also if you are going to miss any games they will need to provide a notice by Weds evening prior to the weekend games to avoid being responsible for all game fees / penalties.

Community Coordinators

The Community Coordinators are volunteer positions (just like the rest of the League), that help the League Director in many ways. 

They are:
  1.  responsible for coordinating the activities of the individual teams within a community;
       including Fees, Forms, Call for Teams, Handling of Disciplinary Actions, etc.
  2.  the main link in all communications between the League Director and the Coaches,
  3.  EXPECTED TO BE PRESENT (or have a delegate) at all League seasonal meetings; 
       typically held in January for Spring and July for Fall Season,
  4.  submit a vote for all League activities when identified by the Director, Board, or at the
       League Meetings - ensuring that the community's interests are represented.

Those communities not represented at the seasonal meetings or not having a volunteer capacity in the league activities are jeopardizing their participation in the league; to include additional "attendance fees" for "non-attendees" assessed for each community not sending a representative.

League Steps for "Non-Participation" at the seasonal meetings or during the season:
 1.  The President of the League will ask the Community Coordinator to participate 
      (via a letter, phone call, or other communication).
 2.  If the Community Coordinator does not increase their participation, then the
      Community / Coaches need to seek out another Lead within that Community.
 3.  If the Community does not find a lead that will participate, then the Community will be 
      given thru the remainder of the season to find a lead, and be cautioned for removal from
      the League (by the League President).

While we hope that it would never come to this, we need to define our expectations of non-compliance clearly. In a "volunteer league" we need everyone to participate in or not be a part of the league.

Supporting Documents


ICSL Team Roster

IYSA Team Membership Spreadsheet

Coach's Code of Conduct


ICSL Medical Release + Waiver

Organization Statement of Understanding & Agreement Form


ICSL Goal Safety Form

Team On-Line Registration

Community Cover Sheet - to be submitted with documents when sending to Kassie Walker - 228 Coventry Lane - East Peoria,Il 61611.

Community + Team Fees Cover Page Worksheet - SPRING 2014.xls

Registration Notes

- Delays in paperwork due to the postal system is still the responsibility of coaches/coordintaors and may be assessed the $50 late fee.

- Coaches need to revise their rosters, and if NO changes then you DO NOT need to make any changes to the individual players (unless adding new players), just simply register the team for this season.

- Coach's with New Teams need to add all players.

- Any new players added after the season starts need to ensure the roster is signed, and the waiver is included with the rest of the team, as well as sending a copy to Kassie along with all necessary fees.

Registration Steps

1 ) Teams Input Rosters - https://home.gotsoccer.com/login.aspx?2 ) Ensure that you select under "League Affiliation" = Inter-Community Soccer League.
3 ) Register the team for the "ICSL FALL 2013" Event
4 ) Drop-off or send "Snail Mail" new player medical release forms, fees, team roster, and cover page (Excel Worksheet) to:
                   Kassie Walker
                   228 Coventry Lane
                   East Peoria, Il 61611 
                   309.678.1422 - Please call before 8pm.

Spring 2014  Fees

  • $40 per game for U18 (Teams only in Spring and not part of community pay $50)
  • $35 per game for U10, U12 and U14/JRH
  • $20 per game for U9
  • $100 League Fee per Community (To be divided by the number of teams)
  • $8 per player IYSA fee / $1 if you have a card (Starts every Fall Season)
 FeesSPRING# of Games
   U9     $160         8
  U10 $280       8
  U12 $280       8
  U14 $280       8
  U18 $120       6

      Example - U10, U12, U14 Team                      
                      10 games x $35                                                                     350
                      16 Players x $7 IYSA Fees                                                     112

                      TOTAL Fees for 1 Team                                                         $462

Recognizing Players / Coaches

The coaches and players in ICSL make-up a large "family". We spend many hours each weekend together and sometimes we argue like "family" and other times we get a chance to refocus on the real reason we are doing this....the kids. Whenever a part of the "familiy" hurts we all understand that it could be one of our own kids or players and we empathize with the parents and teammates. Showing our appreciation of them as individuals is a simple gesture we support.

The league is open to that and and the same time wants to ensure that any extra armbands, wristbands or other tokens do not cause a potential saftey issue on the field. We want to ensure that we balance Safety with the desire to recognize that person.

As an example, we have investigated the wearing of "soft" "tennis-type" wristbands and have determined that they are appropriate for our league. Rubber wristbands are not allowed as they have a greater chance of causing pain to the players. We also follow the IHSA and IYSA rules and guidleines and we are aligned with them in this simple recognition. If the team wishes to have a blanket or any other celebration of an indivual, please contact Rick Walker and we will make every attempt to grant those wishes and to recognize that individual in the appropriate manner.

Please see the <Safety Tab> or <.Rules> for additional information.

Other Supporting Documents

Background Check
Adults participating in the ICSL league need to perform an annual Background Check (Referees (>18 yrs old), Coaches, Assistant Coaches), which is managed through the IYSA link below:


There is no set requirement for uniforms.  It can be printed T-Shirts to full uniforms, including socks, jersey, shorts.  All players must wear approved cleats, shin guards and conform to the safety guidelines as described in the Safety Document.

Sponsors can provide financial support to individual teams; ICSL is not currently set-up to handle donations.  ICSL is a 501c non-profit organization.

Rescheduling Games
Please see Rules document for additional information.  Simply put, rescheduled games are the responsibility of the coach, who must contact the opposing coach and referees.  Teams are responsible for referees fees regardless of the number of players fielded.

If ICSL has to reschedule a game due to weather, field conflicts, referee availability, etc. then league directors will alert the community coordinators/coaches to the adjusted schedules.

Referee Information
It is important to not only teach the players how to play, but how to take direction from the Line Judges and Head (or Center) Referee.  The attached simplified "Referee Signals" can help Parents, Coaches and Players better understand the game, both on and off the field.


Referee Signals

U.S. Youth Soccer Coaching Manual Available


US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual - Feb 2012