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Referee Information

ICSL only employs certified and trained IYSA Patched Referees for ICSL games, ensuring the highest quality management of the games and experience for the players.  Each referee takes a 2 day IYSA initial course and an annual 1 day refresher course to remain certified (at their expense).

The ICSL supports the treatment of Officials in accordance with the "Illinois Support of Soccer Officials" ruling.  The ICSL also beleives that the officials should be treated with respect and never threatened or physically harmed in any way.  If this happens there are potential legal consequences and a league Board of Directors review of the conduct (see Rules & By-Laws) to determine how to ensure the situation does not present itself again in the future regarding that specific parent, coach, referee, etc.

Illinois Support of Officials

Referee Quiz

Referee Signals.pdf

If you are 15 or younger, you will need to provide a work permit to referee an ICSL IYSA game which can normally be picked-up at the local high school.  Please ensure your Work Permit is provided to Kelly Walker (Referee Coordinator) before your first game.  Kelly can be reached at 309.635.4072 or kwalker1225@gmail.com.

ICSL Work Permit Template for Patched Referees under the age of 15:


ICSL Referee - Promise of Employment - Student Work Permit Request

Simple Referee Overview

Officials are required to manage the game and amongst other responsibilities should also ensure that:

  • goals are secured before each game,
  • player / judge gear is in safe workable order,
  • field conditions are suitable for play,
  • safety issues are promptly dealt with,
  • coordination between the line and center judges is clear,
  • yellow/red cards issuance are communicated to league officials,
  • coaches are alerted to any problems with spectators / players, weather conditions.

Additional Notes for Referees from Kelly...

1)  If you would like to Referee please email me at this email address:

2)  Provide the times and days that you are available.
Note for High Schoolers - If you are a player you need to make sure that this does not conflict with your game times. If your coach requires that you arrive before the game you will need to make sure of that also.

3 )  The times that you are available is NOT a GUARANTEE of what you will be reffing.

4 )  If you are under the age of 16 you are required to get a work permit. You can obtain these from your counselor at school. If you are in district that does not require a certain form you can use the form above.

5 )  If you are 18 and above you will need an Annual Background Check.
Adults participating in the ICSL league need to perform an annual Background Check (Referees, Coaches, Assistant Coaches), which is managed through the IYSA website.  Please ensure that you select Inter-Community Soccer League so ICSL can receive the notice directly. https://www.e7sports2.com/E7/Registration/Soccer/IL_State_08/Player_reg/Bk_reg_select_type_menu.php

6 )  You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time. If you are not there at the start of the game it will be given to someone else and this could jeopardize your chances to referee in the future.

7 )  It is your responsibility to have all referee gear in good condition and worn for every game: referee shirt, pen, flags, cards, etc.

8 )  ALL referees will need to keep score so that at the end of the game you can confirm the score for our records.

9 )  Provide Kelly your cell phone number and preferred email address.

10 )  If you foresee problems or a change to your schedule please contact either Kelly at 309.635.4072 or Rick at 635-3952.